About YoCircle

YoCircle (https://yocircle.com) is basically a real-time contest application on social media platform where a user can take part any ongoing contest, create profile page, group, invite friends, like post, share post, comment on post to win cash rewards and recognition.

With the advent of smart phone with high resolution in-built camera, we all can become a photographer. It is said, that photography is a luck and chance. If you are present at an event site with your high resolution camera phone, you can take photographs and can become a photographer.

What are we doing with our high resolution camera phones? Are we not clicking photographs? Yes, we are clicking photographs. Some of photographs are very excellent. But are we getting due recognition from our clicks? The answer is a big NO.

Earn money from social media

YoCircle (https://yocircle.com) is an application where you can take part in various hobby contests, upload photographs, build your network and get maximum likes, comments and share on your photograph and you can be one of winners with certificate and / or cash rewards.

While certificate will be emailed to you immediately after the expiry of the contest, cash rewards, if any, will be transferred to secured wallet maintained by YoCircle and you have the liberty to transfer your earned money to your bank account anytime.

Refer and Earn

YoCircle (www.yocircle.com) also provides you to earn money in your wallet by inviting your relatives, friends or known persons. Number of people join through your referral, you will earn money.

Entertainment fully loaded

Apart from those, YoCircle (https://yocircle.com) also have features like creating event, chat with a stranger, search for friends. You can play games also on YoCircle. If you want to sell any product, please use our Market functionality.

So what are you waiting for?

Sign-up or login YoCircle (https://yocircle.com) now, take out your camera phone, click photograph and take part in the contest. Who knows, your photograph may hit eyes of our very technical and highly professional juries.